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Деми Мур 54! Самые сексуальные снимки нестареющей кинодивы

Сегодня актрисе Деми Мур исполняется 54 года. Мы постарались вспомнить самые сексуальные снимки неувядающей актрисы.

Demi Moore, seven months pregnant with daughter Scout, photographed for Vanity Fair's August 1991 cover.

Actress Demi Moore had us convinced that the tailored suit she wore on the cover of the August 1992 edition of Vanity Fair came from a top clothing designer. But it was just the work of super-talented body-paint]

1995 Rolling Stone Covers Demi Moore 1990s

Demi Moore in a publicity image for the film Striptease (1996).

Солдат Джейн 1997

Magazine: W Magazine:
Published: December 2009
Cover Model: Demi Moore
Photography by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott

Фото : Twitter, Global Look Press / Byron Purvis/AdMedia, imago stock&people

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